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A Guide to Hot Cross Buns

It's hot cross bun time. We all know there are hot cross buns and there are hot cross buns. So how will you know if you're eating the good kind? Your quick and easy hot cross bun guide is here.

1. You should have sticky fingers. A hot cross bun should be a sticky delight.

2. The bun shouldn't just be sticky, it should also be plump. Not flabby, plump. If this were the 1970s and you were going to the zoo and wanted to feed an elephant, this should be the kind of sticky bun you could feed to that elephant.

3. No 'twists' should be involved. Chocolate hot cross buns are a no, apple and cinnamon is a no, banoffee hot cross buns are a hard no. Hot cross buns are a classic, there is a time and a place for putting your own spin on something and this is not it.

Clearly if you buy your bun at Stones it is going to meet the above criteria. So pop in and grab one (or order a few to be delivered) but don't delay; like so many of the best things in life, they won't be around for long.